Il Calcagnino

About us

Is our great pleasure to wellcoming you in this wonderful place in 1200. Here, with you guests, we will return to this ancient castle also his friendly appearance, important to your daily life and social. For us is a daunting task, to play with passion and attention, comforted by certainty which you want to enjoy our cuisine and prestigious place. Only two words on our kitchen… simple yet cured, characterized by the use of products that we have selected features of Modena and from Emilia: the density of balsamic vinegar, the compactness of Parmigiano Reggiano, the softness of our meats, the energy of Lambrusco…
an explosion of flavors with their typical characteristics are able to return it to us a piece of identity, making us remember who we are and how we changed over time. Flavors honest that this should be respected, we will repay the patience to wait with pleasure to savor Now, please enjoy our dishes, cooked at the time, washed down with a glass of wine and taking advantage of this place that smells of history, a moment of pause.
We like to think that you also have our own love for the kitchen, and that our courses can give you some pleasant emotion. Claudio e Barbara